Stefan Boskovic  / Writer
Velisa Popovic  / Producer
Bojan Stijovic  / Director

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2021

Feature Launch reveals the 2021 generation and introduces new program scheme
Feature Launch kicks off online
Workshop 1 of Feature Launch 2021 takes off this week
Feature Launch 2021 participants start their second workshop today
Feature Launch showcase at KVIFF Eastern Promises


After living in Denmark for twenty years, famous writer Niko Boskovic comes back to his birthplace, the village Grahovo, visiting his younger brother Masan, the village priest, with whom he has a complicated relationship. Masan never forgave Niko for having to stay and take care of the property and their father. On the way to Grahovo, Niko accidentally kills a man with his car. Horrified and shocked, he throws the body down the cliff and runs. Eventually, he tells his brother the truth. Despite being a religious and moral man, Masan decides to help his brother in hiding the crime. In the meantime, the peasants prepare a big party in Niko’s honour. Hiding the crime jointly opens the Pandora’s box of suppressed emotions. Suddenly roles are changing. In trying to protect his brother, the inferior Masan takes over the position of leader.