Aleksandra Aleksander  / Producer
Dekel Berenson  / Director, Writer
Greer Ellison  / Writer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2021

Feature Launch reveals the 2021 generation and introduces new program scheme
Feature Launch kicks off online
Workshop 1 of Feature Launch 2021 takes off this week


Aliya, an 18-year-old recent immigrant from Ukraine, finds meaning in her recently discovered Jewish identity and feelings of patriotism towards her newly adopting country, where she trains to become a drill instructor in the Israeli army. After weeks of intense physical and psychological training at the desert base, her company is given forty-eight hours leave before their final exam, and Aliya returns to her family in Tel Aviv. Aliya, who is determined to have fun, heads into the city for a night out but ends up being sexually assaulted by her date. She then must return to the military base but struggles to complete her course, as she re-evaluates her values, beliefs, and place in Israeli society.