No Reverse


Milo Masonicic  / Writer
Branislav Milatovic  / Director, Writer
Miljan Vucelic  / Producer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2021

Feature Launch reveals the 2021 generation and introduces new program scheme
Feature Launch kicks off online
Workshop 1 of Feature Launch 2021 takes off this week


In his youth, while he was working as a truck driver transporting coffins across the former Yugoslavia for a funeral home from a small Montenegrin town, a 62-year-old Slavko lived through some of the most significant and most beautiful moments of his life. Now, thirty years after the Yugoslav civil war, he still works for the same business. Facing a deadly disease, he decides to embark on a trip one more time, a journey that should reveal to him if anything – including himself – changed over the years. On that journey, he is accompanied by Petar, his new neighbor with an unusual personality, and an even more unusual past. Slavko travels to rediscover his “memories” and “settle accounts”; this trip is his “farewell tour”. However, the journey doesn’t quite unfold as he imagined, many things have changed indeed, and new truths come to light...