Birute Kapustinskaite  / Writer
Emilija Sluskonyte  / Producer
Tomas Vengris  / Director, Writer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2021

Feature Launch reveals the 2021 generation and introduces new program scheme
Feature Launch kicks off online
Workshop 1 of Feature Launch 2021 takes off this week


Kaunas, Lithuania 1985. VIOLETA (20) a young mother sells cheap jewellery at a flea market to make ends meet. One day she tricks a charming young "businessman" into buying a fake gold watch, unaware that this is BALYS, the second-in-command of the most feared gang in town. Balys realizes he's been tricked, but instead of retribution, he wants a date. Violeta quickly finds herself in a passionate love affair that leads her out of the miserable life with her abusive first husband, to luxury, passion, and extravagance at the center of the most dangerous and powerful criminal organization in Lithuania’s history. The story told is from the safety of a shabby hotel in the present-day suburbs of Bologna. VIOLETA (60), now a widow and mother of three, tells an interviewer about her rise and eventual fall ... but as her story unfolds, we realize that in her mind, this is only the beginning of the final act.