Thinking David


Šimon Holý  / Director, Writer
Pavla Klimešová  / Producer

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David, a young secular Jewish kid from Czechia, tries to live his life like everyone else around him. Until he finds out with his best friend Klára about a trip, which takes students on a tour of Israel.

The trip becomes a test of their friendship and the beginning of David's coming out. On the day of his 18th birthday he and his new friends escape from the group to a wild party where David meets Itay. They secretly spend every time possible together and David experiences his first love.

Upon return to the Czechia, David wants to overcome all obstacles that await at home. Coming out to his family and friends goes better than he thought but it turns out that the biggest challenge is his own internal self-acceptance.

David feels that he was robbed of all the experiences associated with youth and he tries to catch up with everything he had missed. But the price for that might be higher than he thought.