Head Nurse


Kamila Dohnalova  / Producer
Vaclav Hasek  / Writer
Jan Vejnar  / Director, Writer

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Computers stopped working in a Czech private hospital. The initial uncertainty is immediately replaced by horror – the system was hit with cyberattack. With no solution in sight, the head nurse Hana postpones all operations today. This crosses the plans of PR manager Janáčková, who is guiding a medical TV-series well-known actor around the hospital. After a series of examinations, the young doctor Vrána found out that a patient needed revision surgery. But the head physician does not want to allow this. The head of the unions, Viktorie, wants to sign a collective agreement with the management. But for that she needs Hana, who is up to the eyes in work. Individual situations escalate. Eventually, it is not the collective interest that saves the patient's life, but a selfie from the operating room with the actor. And when Hana finally takes the side of the staff, she finds out that there is no one to negotiate their rights with. The economic deputy quits and a new owner buys the hospital.