Olga Michalik

Olga Michalik


MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2021

Feature Launch reveals the 2021 generation and introduces new program scheme
Feature Launch kicks off online
Workshop 1 of Feature Launch 2021 takes off this week
Feature Launch 2021 participants start their second workshop today


Olga Michalik is a film editor with a background in psychology, gardening and building. She was born in Poland, travelled around Europe and eventually grew her roots in Slovenia where she completed a BA in film editing (2017) at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television. She edited short films, trailers and advertising. She is proud of editing a feature documentary on the struggles of the Assyrian community in Iraq and Turkey, as well as working with charity supporting survivors of domestic violence.

She received recognition for her short scripts on a local level (Grossmann Award, Kratka Scena). Her feature film script was chosen for the participation in a year-long development workshop organized by Directors Guild of Slovenia.

She is currently editing a feature documentary and writing her master thesis on narrative therapy and editing in road movies.