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Where Is My Home

Participated in: MIDPOINT Midnight Sun 2016
Zdenek, a Roma boy, is bursting with energy. He loves items of agricultural machinery. He ties them up in various ways, he puts logs under their wheels and then he observes what will happen once he starts the engine. He often climbs up the roof. He imagines that the red tiles are scales of a dragon which he uses to fly over the Moravian landscape. The family he lives with in a JZD tractor station does not punish him for anything. He’s a little rascal but everybody loves him. When the family is forced to move to Prague for work, Zdenek automatically switches the village environment for streets and underpasses of the city centre. It doesn’t even cross his mind that the trickeries he does along with his brother could be anything else but an entertaining kids’ game. He ends up in a detention cell. When he changes into a prison outfit he is beaming with happiness and he imagines himself to be a film star. At the age of fifteen he gets involved with the police for the third time and he’s being sent to a reformatory where he is confronted with physical work for the first time in his life. He has to break mining engines into pieces with a club. He feels humiliated and does not ever want to work in an honest way. He wants to become the underground hero.
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