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Tell No One

Original title: Nikome ni reč
Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2019-2020

Twenty four kids, of the same class, have created some kind of prostitution activities between themself, as it is revealed during the parents meeting. Parents face the ugly truth with difficulties, but decide to hide it from the outside world, by outvoting. After the meeting, Petar heads home crestfallen, to prepare Milica’s twelfth birthday party. While trying to convey the news to his wife Jovana, he finds out that she has already been aware of everything, for some time. At the party’s high peak, in wrath of anger, Petar starts destroying birthday cake, and attacks Milica, who’s trying to defend it. While Jovana is separating them, Petar get’s hit by Milica’s friend, who runs away, followed by Milica, shouting his name.

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