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Soul Food

Original title: Soul Food
Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2019-2020

Yannis (15) and his mother are moving into her boyfriend’s apartment. While dealing with his mother’s indifference towards him, he stealthily starts hanging out with Olga, a socially secluded punk woman who lives in the basement of his apartment building, has blue hair, wears colourful dresses, black leather jackets full of spikes, and steals from the supermarket to cook well prepared meals for herself. Simultaneously, Yannis associates with a group of teenagers, the leader of which bullies him systematically, as well as he does with Olga whenever he sees her in the streets. Yannis struggles to find balance between his need for acceptance by his peers and his “secret” relationship with Olga, until he has to choose sides. And he decides boldly to go with Olga’s side.

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