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This is a film about a young man who faces responsibility for the first time. He tries to change his old habits. Doing so, he excommunicates himself from his past life moving to his grandfather. They don't have any kind of relationship. It seems he only sleeps and eats there. He is new to the whole environment. He gets to know it during his runs he takes every day. He never lived so close to the woods before. In spite of his effort, his past catches up to him. The harder he tries to push it away, the stronger it comes back. The stronger it comes the further he runs away from it. It takes him to the woods where he sees someone who has time more difficult them him. That night he doesn't sleep at his home. Next morning seems sunnier than the others; he sees his grandfather smile for the first time. He feels at home. At least for a moment it seem that he accepted his past and lives in present. He looks happy for the first time, might be because he is responsible for that.
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