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Magda H.

Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2013
The subject of the screenplay is the professional and private life of Magda Lokvencová- Husáková, the first wife of Gustáv Husák. Her story has dramatic potencial because of several reasons. First it is her lifetime balancing between the professional and personal issues. Several times in her life she was pushed to make a decision: to betray her husband and let her career not to be influenced by his political story or she will stand at his side and suffer from the consequences. She divorced Husak after he´d been released from the prison. The ultimatum he gave her afterwards was crucial for her. The pressure of the State Security Service didn´t break her, but the fact that Husak put her on the selection between theatre and their marriage. The story of Magda Lokvencova- Husakova begins in 1960 when her husband Gustav Husak, was publicly damned during the Stalinist purges and held in prison for 10 years. Meantime her personal situation changed. Their two sons grew up, and Magda lived in unofficial relationship with Ctibor Filcik, the actor that she met in a theater where she worked. During those years of Husak´s absesnce she fell down to the bottom and broke, after then she recovered again. (excerpt)
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