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Little cancer

Original title: Ráčik
Participated in: MIDPOINT Intensive SK 2023

Bony (32) still lives with and works for his reclusive father.  He wants a girlfriend, but his unattractive appearance and bipolar disorder diagnosis make this problematic. When he meets striking cellist Zoja, Bony’s life seemingly takes a new direction. Unfortunately, Zoja herself suffers from the inability to establish a commited, sexual relationship and perceives Bony more as a caring mother figure than the masculine guy he desires to be.  Bony doesn’t want to see it and his longing for a normal, medication-free life leads to a breakdown.  In the end, Bony does not find a relationship with a woman, but with his father, a „big“ history expert, who eventually accepts not only the „small“ history of a family tragedy, but most importantly, his peculiar son.  

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