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Landscape with Camel and Bear

“Landscape with Camel and Bear” is a “dramedy” about sickness, healing and about personal growth. It is the story of Lena Petraru, a young woman who needs to confront her fears and her past in order to discover her true self and get to the next level in her life. After going through painful emotional experiences at a young age such as the divorce of her parents, one day, at the age of 26, Lena suffers an attack of sciatica and is taken to the hospital for surgery. While doctors discover that she cannot be safely operated at that time, she finds herself unable to eat. Lena faces both dramatic and hilarious situations while she tries a number of different therapies attempting to cure her anxiety and her bad spinal condition. She uses both traditional and alternative medicine and meets all kinds of people. After all these trials Lena feels a bit better, but is still not cured. She retreats into her imagination and humor, trying to escape reality. Painting seems to be the ultimate answer to her problems and eventually Lena decides to dedicate more resources to it. “Landscape with Camel and Bear” is Lena’s first serious artistic painting. It combines symbol elements of her life into a unique, surprising, fun work of art. Once realized, Lena is ready to pass the threshold to her possible new life.
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