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Jacinto & Flying Donkeys

Jacinto (15) knows that rural and folkloric Yaritagua is the wrong and worst place to have been born in, but his passion for pop/rock band Los Caramelos keeps him going. Jacinto is forced to dive religiously once a month in the town lake to please his Mom, who strongly believes there are golden coins at the bottom. Music, including his self-made instrument, is the only thing keeping him away from abandoning his house. After finding out his cousin at Caracas lives next door to Asier, the lead singer of Los Caramelos, Jacinto escapes home to get to Caracas and meet the band. Once there and realizing things are not what they seemed, he decides to gain Asier’s attention by camping outside his house and performing his pathetic versions of Los Caramelos songs with his particular instrument. Jacinto soon becomes a media sensation and Melissa, a clever advertising producer, offers him a contract for an ad-campaign where he would be mocked in exchange for a chance of meeting and playing with his idols. (excerpt)
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