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Impossible to eat the room

Participated in: MIDPOINT Intensive SK 2023

Twelve-year-old Tereza has only one friend at school: Sylvia. The other girls just bully her. At home, her parents only argue, they never go anywhere. Tereza has a talent for drawing, so her parents enroll her in an art class. Finally, she meets her soulmate there — the teacher of art-class Ivan. He is fifty years old and has an artistic career of local importance, in a town where everyone knows each other. Tereza confides in Ivan everything that happens at school, at home and also in her head. Tereza gets her first kiss between the shelves full of Ivan’s ceramics. She is happy experiencing her first love, he compliments her kissing. Now Tereza walks around the school proudly, she feels, finally her classmates respect her. She understands that they have to protect their secret. She feels  no longer like a kid. Anyway, even her mother promised to remodel her room. When Tereza's friend Sylvia starts dating a boy, Tereza is the fifth wheel on the wagon. She would like to go out with Ivan too, but Ivan refuses and threatens Tereza instead: if anyone finds out about them, he won't be able to meet her anymore. Tereza is scared, she doesn't want to lose him. Her surroundings become a threat to her. Ivan pressures Tereza to wear make up and high heels. As a response she invites him to the dance rehearsal, where she will be all dressed up. Her classmate sees them kissing in the hall. Ivan gets angry and runs off. Tereza is waiting in her room for his call for days. When he's neither calling nor picking up, she decides to wait for him in front of his apartment. When she sees him entering the house with a new woman of his age, her heart breaks.
Tereza tries to date boys her age, but somehow no one can get Ivan out of her head. She finally meets Ivan again, he is nice to her as if nothing had happened. She is confused, but they have sex again, the same talks. Tereza realizes only now, that something has been wrong with this
relationship from the start.

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