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Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2016

Eddie is a humhore but if you ever meet him don't call him that. A more accurate and politically correct expression would be „humorous escort“. He is the best in the business, he finds his customers in bars or through intermediaries. What he offers is simple: he will spend the evening with them and amuse them. For the happiness and warmth he brings he is paid by the hour. A demand for humhores is big, especially for the quality ones, like Eddie. He is well situated financially, he has some money saved, he is wanted and appreciated. He is not a clown or a stand up comedian he is just – a humhore. Stan is a young director in search for a great movie story for his first film. When he finds Eddie he wants him to be a part of his documentary, Eddie refuses but the filmmaker blackmails him, because – humhoring is illegal.

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