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Daddy's Girl

It is a story rooted in the realities of Polish mafia about the daughter's father relationship. Karina is brought up on his father's successor Life with a dad who belongs to the mafia from the perspective of Karina does not seem to be a hard life. She is his little soldier and best friend. Karina loves the little world that in these strange circumstances they created. When he finally goes to jail her life becomes unbearable for her. When he is in prison, the responsibility for the whole house is on her shoulders. Horrible thoughts and aggression digest her head and body. She becomes violent and promiscuous. She tries everything to get him out of jail, when she does not succeed, she decides to kill the prosecutor. She meets pure love on her way, but she can not accept it, even though it might save her. There is no place in her heart for another man. What matters is daddy. To raise money for bail, Karina is cheating partners of her father - powerful thugs. Since that decision, no turning back. She will always have to hide.
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