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Boys of Summer

Original title: Boys of Summer
Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2020-2021

Leo, a low profile 16-year-old boy, hangs out with his two friends Dinos and Gina, in the empty touristy town of Ayia Napa during the winter of 1998. The three friends share moments together, maybe the last ones before they step into the world of adulthood. Leo tries to express his feeling towards Gina but gets rejected. He is still a virgin, and he is not the macho type of boy she is interested in. During the summer, the town becomes the Mecca of UK Garage music. The place transforms from a ghost town into a hedonistic tourist resort. Leo is going through a transformation as well. He is trying to fit into the masculine mold forced by his surroundings. He gets rushed into a chance to experience a meaningless sexual act with a tourist girl. Is he willing to prove his manhood? Perhaps he just wants to stay a kid for as long as he can.

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