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Agnes & Andras

Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2014
Agnes and Andres is a feature-length drama with alienation effects (emphasis on admitted coincidences, occasional narrator inputs who thereby thematizes manipulation as one of the pillars of the story etc.). The drama is based on a Hungarian play by Attila Bartis titled Damnation. The major advantages of the original are the dialogues - short, factual, seemingly insensitive but very believable thanks to their laconic nature. The main characters are a young woman named Agnes making her living doing various manual work and short-term temporary work who meets Andres, a middle aged photographer, thanks to a "little controlled coincidence". Andres is married but he and his wife Eva do not have any children. His photographs are famous but he does not care for secular fame much - he tries to discover new ways and styles in his work. (excerpt)
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