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Stefan Gieren

Profession: Writer
Profession: Writer
Country: Germany

StoryBay produces young, international auteur cinema, presented on A-List festivals and winning over 80 international awards.

After the Oscar nomination for his graduation film RAJU, Stefan Gieren produced AYNY (Student Academy Award in Gold 2016), TOZ BEZI (Berlinale Forum 2016), KARDESLER (Karlovy Vary 2018), WHATEVER HAPPENS NEXT (Berlinale Perspektive 2018), FORTSCHRITT IM TAL DER AHNUNGSLOSEN (Berlinale Forum 2019).

Our TV-Debut for NDR, TIAN - DAS GEHEIMNIS DER SCHMUCKSTRASSE, was sold to 12 territories and nominated for a Seoul international Drama Award 2019.

In Coproduction with Warner Bros ITV we develop a series adaption of RAJU which won the 2019 Albatros Award of the Creative Europe Series Lab for best European Series in development.

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