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Sari Azoulay Turgeman

Country: Israel

Sari was born in Cannes, France. Since finishing her BA in Cinema and Television from Tel Aviv University, she has directed documentaries, music videos, short films and a feature film. She worked for 6 years as a Script Supervisor on sets. In 2008, she founded her script consulting services company - SCRIPTLIGHT. During the years, she has developed her own writing method and gives masterclasses in professional labs and workshops worldwide.

She has been a script consultant and editor on hundreds of films, at various stages of writing, lots of them won prizes and awards at international festivals. Sari is a reader and a consultant for the Israel Film Funds and for Israeli television channels. She is a mentor at the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film Lab. She writes and develops projects for cinema and television.

During the years, Sari has script-developed many successful television series in which she is also the Script Editor, such as FAUDA (seasons 2 and 3 and 4 - NETFLIX), BLACKSPACE (NETFLIX) and lately BAND OF SPIES (produced by PARAMOUNT(. Her debut feature film WAIT FOR ME (2022(, had its world premiere in competition 1-2, at the 2022 Warsaw Film Festival and won the BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM prize at the Colluseum International Film Festival, in Rome 2023. She is working on her next feature.

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