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Norah Mc Gettigan

Country: Poland
Born in the North-West of Ireland, Norah Mc Gettigan is a film and theatre director/writer/teacher. She has a BA in theatre studies from the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland and an MA in film directing from the Polish National Film School in Lodz. Her award-winning films include The Water Fight and A Song For Rebecca which were both officially selected for the Cinefondation competition at the Cannes Film Festival. Her more recent short “What it’s like to be my mother” produced by the Wajda Studio (Warsaw), has enjoyed widespread success having won awards across Europe including a Special Prize at the San Sebastian Short Film competition in 2008. Norah's feature debut Sanctuary earned an IFTA nomination for Anne-Marie Duff this year. Presently teaching script-writing and directing at the Polish National Film School in Lodz, Norah is also developing her second feature Desperate for Attention.
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