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Marike Muselaers

Country: Netherlands

MARIKE MUSELAERS started her career at Fortissimo Films and RTL Netherlands before joining the Lumière team. After a 10+ year journey in sales, acquisitions, (co-)productions and general management, Marike is now co-leading the Lumière Group as Chief Content & Partnerships Officer. In her current role she is responsible for international financing, co-productions, acquisitions and business development.

The Lumière Group is a full ecosystem in which production, financing, distribution, streaming platforms and, 4 cinemas and an animation studio are all working closely together to bring the best stories to the Benelux audience and the rest of the world”. Co-produced by Lumière are TV series seasons of THE BRIDGETHE TEAM, OCCUPIED, STHLM REQUIEM, HOSTAGES, STATE OF HAPPINESS and BLACK SANDS. Lumière’s first own TV production, Belgian repatriation TV drama/comedy SOIL, was recently produced for SBS Belgium, ZDF Neo and Netflix.

 Next to finding partners, money, stories and talent for the Lumière Group, Marike loves being a tutor at training programs like Midpoint Series Launch, SeriesWomen, Cinelink Sarajevo and Qumra Doha, and she is a member of the advisory board of TV Drama Vision and Nostradamus at the Göteborg Film Festival. She also enjoys being a keynote speaker, moderator and panel guest at many industry events like Göteborg Film Festival, Berlinale, Cannes Film Festival, NEM Zagreb, SeriesMania, TV Beats Tallinn, and Content London. Although her passion is to find new compelling stories and characters, Marike is always looking for the sweet spot between creative and commercial. She is determined to create innovative business models and partnerships in this fast-paced, challenging, but never boring industry.

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