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Klaus Zimmermann

Country: Germany
Klaus Zimmermann started his career in 1993 at the German company KirchGruppe as producer of film, television and international co-productions (Le comte de Monte Cristo, Les Misérables,…). In 2002, he joined GMT Productions as head of international development and worked on international projects (Napoléon, The Three Musketeers). In 2006, he co-founded Zen Productions where he developed, produced and co-produced a number of ambitious projects (Laconia, The Bible Code). Nominated five times for the award of ‘Best Producer’ in Germany for Die Patin (2008), Vulkan (2009), Die Grenze (2010), Laconia and Borgia (2012) Klaus returned to Lagardère Entertainment in 2009 to kick off as managing director and producer Atlantique Productions, one of the first European production companies specialized in international English speaking TV series (Borgia, Transporter, Death in Paradise, Jo). In 2014, Zimmermann co-founded Dynamic Television with offices in Los Angeles, Berlin and Paris, and continues the international production model with a focus on drama series. His latest projects include the series 100 Code, TRAPPED and Cape Town.
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