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Juanjo Gimenez Pena

Country: Spain

Juanjo Giménez was born and lives in Barcelona. He has directed a few shorts, including “Timecode” (2016) Palme d’Or in the Cannes Film Festival, nominated for an Oscar, Best European Short EFA, Goya and Gaudi prizes and more than 100 international prizes.

Other shorts: "Rodilla" (2010), "Nitbus" (2007), "Maximum Penalty" (2005) and "Indirect Free Kick" (1997), all of them awarded at national and international festivals.

He’s the director of the feature films “Tilt" (2003), awarded in Rome, Las Palmas and Ourense, and the documentaries "Dodge and Hit" (2010), co-directed with Adan Aliaga, best documentary in Alcances Film Festival Cadiz and Courmayeur Noir, and "Contact Proof" (2014), also premiered in Alcances. He’s also the founder of the production company Nadir Films SL. Some of their productions are "My grandmother’s house" (Adan Aliaga, 2005), Joris Ivens Award at IDFA, "Stigmata" (also directed by Adan in 2009) Pilar Miró Award for Best First Film in Seminci-Valladolid, and "Anas, an Indian film" (Enric Miró, 2009) awarded at Documenta Madrid, Alcances and premiered at Karlovy Vary.

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