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Jesco Puluj

Profession: Writer
Profession: Writer
Country: Germany
Jesco discovered his passion for words very early, as one of his stage plays was produced while he was still a high school student. He then quickly discovered his love for cinema and moved on to writing and directing, studying in Amsterdam, Berlin and London. In 2015, he was one of the screenwriters of the omnibus feature film 50 Kisses, which was released in the UK and he kept on writing and directing romantically themed short films, which were screened at festivals worldwide. In 2017 he took a big leap and decided to single handedly spend one year traveling the world to produce, shoot and direct his first documentary The Odd Monk – a colorful portrait of Buddhist practitioners. It was released in over 100 cinemas in Germany in 2020 and is now being distributed internationally. Since then he has focused on his career as a tv writer and is currently in negotiations with Brazilian producers about his first series Nomado, which is an urban fantasy set during carnival.
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