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Hagai Levi

Hagai Levi is a Golden Globe winner for co-creating and co-producing the television drama THE AFFAIR with Sarah Treem. He is also known for creating, directing and producing the television drama BETIPUL and for producing and co-directing IN TREATMENT, HBO's American adaptation of the show. BETIPUL was remade also in many other languages and countries. Levi served as an executive producer and consultant in most of these adaptations. Levi won the Israeli academy award for producing BETIPUL, and along with Nir Bergman, he won the Israeli Academy's Best Director award for directing the series. In 2019, Levi co-created, co-produced and co-directed the television drama OUR BOYS (miniseries) for HBO, which is scheduled to air on August 12, 2019. In 2013, Levi created and directed the Israeli television mini-series THE ACCURSED. It was an Israeli Academy nominee for best drama series. Levi started his career after graduation from the Tel Aviv University Film and Television department, later created, co-wrote, directed, co-produced and served as a showrunner of several series. Levi also produced several award winners documentaries, and served as a story and script editor for numerous Israeli drama series. Levi was a film critic for various newspapersfor 10 years, as well as lecturer in the leading film schools in Israel, and was the head of the drama department in the leading Israeli TV channel Keshet (2003-2006).
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