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Elif Ayan

Profession: Writer, Director
Profession: Writer, Director
Country: Turkey

Elif Ayan is a writer/director from Istanbul, Turkey. She was part of a writers’ collective between 2002 and 2008 and worked mainly as a screenwriter for Turkish TV series. She adapted a feature screenplay from the best selling novel Bliss (Mutluluk) by Zülfü Livaneli and the film was released in 2007, receiving national and international acclaim. She left Turkey in 2011 to attend Columbia University’s Film MFA Program in New York City  concentrating on screenwriting/directing. After completing her MFA, she came back to Turkey in 2017 and worked as a drama coordinator in different production companies in Istanbul. She joined Plankton as a development executive in 2022. Plankton is a production company founded by Sevil Demirci and focuses on the development of series and films mainly for digital platforms.

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