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Csaba Bollok

Country: Hungary

Graduated as film and television director at the Hungarian Academy of Film and Drama in 1994, studied filmmaking in the United States, made shorts at the legendary Béla Balázs Stúdió in the 1990’s. His features earned many home and international prizes, among them „the European Discovery of the Year” (2007). Recently, two of his movies have been selected among basic Hungarian movies by the National FilmArchive: Silent Years (1993), and Iska's Journey (2007), while his next feature project, Maze-In-Lake is being developed at Zentropa, Belgium. A permanent lecturer at Eszterházy Károly University, Eger, a core tutor at Midpoint Central-European Scriptwriting Center, Praha, a visiting professor at DFFB, Berlin, a Creativ Advisor at RAWI Screenwriters Lab, Jordan, he is leading workshops worldwide in screenwriting, independent and analogue filmmaking.

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