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Angeliki Vergou

Country: Greece
Angeliki Vergou was appointed Head of the Crossroads Co-production Forum (for projects in development from Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean region) of the Thessaloniki IFF in 2019. Prior to that, she was the coordinator of Crossroads since 2008. Overall, she has been part of the Thessaloniki festival since 2001, having worked in various other departments and positions. She also works for the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. She holds a BA in European Civilization (Hellenic Open University). She has participated in Sources 2: Training Mentors for Screenwriters (2013) and as an assistant trainer at MFI’s Script2Film Workshop (2019). She is currently script consultant trainee with the MIDPOINT Feature Launch Workshop 2020. She speaks English (fluently), French (well), and Czech (does her best). She will be incorporating her new knowledge in her work with Crossroads but also looks forward to working with creative teams as script consultant in Greece and Europe.
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