MIDPOINT TV Launch - Workshop 1 2016

MKCR Czech Film Fund Slovak Audiovisual Fund IVF Finale Plzen HBO Europe


MIDPOINT TV Launch is focused on development of ongoing, episodic, content-rich TV series that can sustain multiple seasons. Both half-hour (25-30 minutes) and one-hour (40-60 minutes) series proposals are accepted. Our focus is on compelling stories and innovative series concepts that range from high-end to grass roots.

The program focuses on participants with a background primarily in filmmaking wanting to shift to quality television production, although not excluding participants with some experience in TV development, that come from Central-Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the wider Mediterranean area primarily. 

In 2016, during the Workshop 2, HBO Europe will grant an annual award, to honour the best project, at the final workshop of the year. The HBO Europe Award of 4000 USD will further support the project's development in HBO Europe original programming territories.


April 15 - 21, 2016


Pilsen, Czech Republic
(within Finále Plzeň FF)

Who is it for?

participants with a project
/ teams of writers and producers (possibly directors, if attached)

participants without a project
/ individual writers, producers or commissioning editors


with a project
/ professionals / 500 EUR per participant
/ students / 250 EUR per participant

without a project
/ professionals / 400 EUR per participant
/ students / 200 EUR per participant

The fee includes accommodation, board and tuition at the workshop. Travel costs are NOT included. Students must submit confirmation of study from their schools. 

Contact person

Katarina Tomkova
Project Manager