MIDPOINT Feature Launch & Shorts 2018 taking off

January 19, 2018

The time has finally come for the expanded MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2018. On Sunday January 21, the first part of the feature film development platform will take off in Italy during Trieste Film Festival.

Participating are 9 projects from Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Serbia and Ukraine. Representatives from our new partner organizations Trieste Film Festival, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and When East Meets West have taken part in the project selection, which secures an in-depth knowledge of each project's needs from the very beginning. Get to know all projects and participants here.

Head of Studies of Feature Launch, Danijel Hocevar will run the workshop, and he is joined by the Core Tutors Anne Gensior, Pavel Jech and Ivo Trajkov.

We are very pleased to also welcome the workshop's international Guest Tutors who are Elma Tataragic, Thanos Anastopoulos and Cedomir Kolar. And in addition this year's Pitching Tutor, Stefano Tealdi.

Monday 22, 9.00
/ Screenplay – The Origin of the Film, by Elma Tataragic

Monday 22, 16.30-17.30
/ MIDPOINT Drinks – at the Library of Hotel Savoia Excelsior Palace

Tuesday 23, 9.00
/ Pitch or Perish, by Stefano Tealdi

Tuesday 23, 11.00
/ Off the Beaten Tracks, by Thanos Anastopoulos

Wednesday 24, 9.00
/ From Love at First Sight to Oscars, by Cedomir Kolar

Wednesday 24, 19.00
/ Ten Jokes that Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Screenwriting, by Pavel Jech

Thursday 25, 9.00
/ Film Analysis: Manchester by the Sea, by Elma Tataragic

Thursday 25, 14.00
/ Project Development – A View of the Producer, by Danijel Hocevar

The lectures are open to the industry guests of Trieste Film Festival and WEMW. Read more here.

MIDPOINT Shorts 2018

Running parallel to Feature Launch is MIDPOINT Shorts which includes the participation of 4 short film projects from Croatia, Denmark, Hungary and Turkey. Teams of writers, directors and producer will develop their script as well as prepare the production and promotional aspects of each project, with Core Tutor Pavel Marek (Czech Republic) running the program. Learn more about the projects and participants here

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