MIDPOINT Feature Launch's Expansion – Interview with Alessandro Gropplero

October 25, 2017

Feature Launch has expanded its workshop cycle to become the leading year-long development program for Central and Eastern Europe's new film talent. This is partly thanks to MIDPOINT's strong collaboration with Alessandro Gropplero who is leading the co-production market When East Meets West in Trieste, Italy. We talked to him about the scope of the expanded program.

MIDPOINT has officially teamed up with When East Meets West, which takes place in January during Trieste Film Festival. What can the future participants of Feature Launch expect from this partnership in your view?

"We keep the main ingredients of MIDPOINT, but we also aim to create a platform with closer and stronger connections to the international film industry. This we do with two different locations for the residential workshops (the first in Trieste, Italy, and the second in Serbia), and thanks to the collaboration of Trieste Film Festival, Karlovy Vary IFF and When East Meets West we are surrounded by all the leading key players and emerging talent from Central and Eastern Europe, and beyond. It means that throughout the full year the participants will meet experienced directors and professionals from all over the world and will be able to build up a unique international network"

What is the added value for the participants?

"All partners are involved in the selection and we follow the projects and participants all the way. We help them prepare all the materials, mature their projects, and get to a more advanced stage. We as industry experts and as their tutors look at the needs of each project and team, and we work all year around to meet these needs – and in the end to strengthen the participants' skills to break through the market."

"Teaming up means that we all – participants as well as partners – are benefitting from this."


You have been an expert for MIDPOINT for many years. Now, at the end of Feature Launch 2017, what is your experience of this year's projects?

"As part of the selection committee it is really interesting to see how the projects have developed. And having the chance to be here in Czech Republic at the last workshop of 2017 and to be part of the individual meetings has been very valuable and given me insights into the filmmakers reasoning behind characters, plot and approaches. I saw a lot of high quality and passion!"

"Having producers, directors and writers together on the same spot gives you the chance to speak about the projects in 360 degrees. It has a big value for both the teams, but also for the invited experts. It really gives different perspectives."

Alessandro Gropplero continues,

"I would say at least one third of the projects are ready to be exposed – for example at a platform like When East Meets West."



1. Feature Launch Workshop 1 @ EASTWEEK - Trieste FF - January 20 – 26, 2018
2. Feature Launch Workshop 2 @ MIDPOINT - Serbia - April/May 2018
3. Project Showcase with Industry experts @ KVIFF - July 2018
4. Feature Launch Spotlight @ WEMW (during Trieste FF) - January 2019

The final deadline for applying for MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2018 is on Thursday October 26.


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