MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2017 project selection announced

May 04, 2017

An extraordinary number of 75 projects were submitted, and filmmakers from no less than 32 countries were considered for the 9 slots in MIDPOINT's feature film program.

The participants will go through an intensive script and project development program which stretches over 5 months and includes two residential workshops in June and October as well as online consultations and not the least followed by high-end pitching and training awards - see more in the newsletter below.

The 9 projects are:

Alive in Moscow - writer/director Grigore Becket, producer Elie Aufseesser (Switzerland/Moldova)

Asunden - writer/director Petter Ringbom, producer Eliza Jones (Sweden) 

Hawa Hawaii - writer/director Amirah Tajdin, producer Wafa Tajdin (Kenya)

Inventory - writer/director Darko Sinko, producer Vlado Bulajic (Slovenia)

Mnk Boy - writer Sibel Altinbas, director Mete Gümürhan, producer Bas Broertjes (Netherlands/Turkey) 

Night of the Whale - writer/director Kaveh Daneshmand, producer Jordi Niubo (Czech Republic)

Waterwolf - writer/director Ann-Julie Vervaeke, producer Anastassia Oudovitchenko (Belgium)

Zana - writer/director Antoneta Kastrati, producer Casey Johnson (Kosovo)

19 - writer/director Kosara Mitic, producer Kornelija Ristovska (Macedonia) 

'Alive in Moscow' was selected thanks to our partnership with COCO / Connecting Cottbus, and 'Hawa Hawaii' in collaboration with REALNESS - A Screenwriters Residency.  

The members of the selection committee are MIDPOINT Artistic Director Pavel Jech, script writer/script editor and Professor at Chapman University, CA; Slovenian Producer Danijel Hocevar, Program Consultant and Core Tutor on Feature Launch; Alessandro Gropplero from Friuli Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Fund and Head of When East Meets West co-production forum; Inke Van Loocke, Coordinator of CineMart and Rotterdam Lab under IFFR/International Film Festival Rotterdam, and Kristyna Plhonova, Project Manager of MIDPOINT Feature Launch.

The Feature Launch 2017 awards are: 

- MIDPOINT Development Award of 8.000 EUR to 1 selected project

- coco Award within Connecting Cottbus in November 2017 - a pitching opportunity for 4 selected projects called MIDPOINT Selection 2017

- Rotterdam Lab / CineMart - professional training participation for 1 selected producer

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