MIDPOINT TV Launch's Workshop 2 is taking off

April 18, 2017

On Saturday the participants of MIDPOINT TV LAUNCH will meet again, this time in the city of Pilsen, Czech Republic. Finale Plzen Film Festival sets the frame for the second out of three residential TV Launch workshops, and we're happy to share the program with you here.

MIDPOINT TV Launch is a workshop program that nurtures and trains new talents from the regions of Central and Eastern Europe, Balkan, the Baltic countries, and the wider Mediterranean area, and helps create content-rich, compelling stories and innovative series concepts both high end and low budget.

Apart from the workshop sessions that are exclusive to the 7 projects and 16 participants – all emerging talents within the TV series format, MIDPOINT also invites audiences and the industry to participate in talks and presentations by TV Launch's Head of Studies Alan Kingsberg (US) and Core Tutor Steve Matthews (UK). They are joined at the workshop by Producer Tutor Klaus Zimmermann (FR) and Guest Tutor Anna Vasova (CZ).


Saturday April 22 – 17.00-17.30
The DNA of Television Series
With Ben Harris (DE)

Presentation of the article by Ben Harris, in connection with Creative Europe Desk CZ MEDIA's publication 'Journeys to the Script'.

Sunday April 23 –17.30-19.00
Creating the Selling and Presentation Documents of a TV Show
With Klaus Zimmerman

Selling a TV show is extremely hard and needs a solid preparation. Once you have developed your creative materials of your show, your personal presentation of it is key and so is the “selling” document you send or leave behind that will support your project. 

Tuesday April 25 – 9.30-10.00
Presentation of Creative Europe MEDIA
Tuesday April 25 –11.00-13.00
Case Study: LOVE/HATE
With Steve Matthews

Difficult Second Album Syndrome;  how you need an idea of the idea you're looking for; and why a pilot has to be a satisfying meal on its own as well as a starter dish for the series.

Tuesday April 25 – 17.00-18.00
A Map to the European Drama TV Market
With Klaus Zimmerman

The European TV market is a diverse and quickly changing landscape. New players steer up competition and open doors for new opportunities and content. Where is the market today and where will it be tomorrow? What are the long term trends for TV fiction in Europe?

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MIDPOINT TV Launch is realized with the support of Creative Europe - MEDIA Programme of the European Union, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Czech State Cinematography Fund, Slovak Audiovisual Fund, and the International Visegrad Fund. The partners of the program are HBO Europe, Finale Plzen FF, Sarajevo FF, CHARACTER - Film Development Association, Barrandov Studio and Serial Eyes.


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