Where is Sophia?


Cristina Badea  / Producer
Cristina Ceausu  / Producer
Anton Groves  / Director
Bogdan Muresanu  / Writer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2016


Set in a small Romanian alpine town, our film focuses on the story of a young rebellious 7 year old girl with a rich imagination - Maria, who as a result of her father’s recent death, has invented an imaginary friend - ‘Sophia’ - to keep company and help her come to terms with her loss. Maria and Sophia are inseparable, until a year later when her mother is fired from her job, and has no choice but to accept a job offer in Italy. Threatened now with the disappearance of her mother too, and a tough upbringing by her grandmother who doesn’t tolerate Maria’s silly games, Sophia disappears from Maria’s mind and from existence. Chaos ensues, as Maria rebels in an attempt to bring Sophia and thus her mother back, reeking havoc at home and in her first days at school.
The adults realise her plight and finally they all play along with her ‘Sophia’ game; her mother comes back and promises never to leave her. Maria’s experience matures her and she decides to let go of Sophia for good.