Miss Hanoi


Marek Grajciar  / Writer
Zdenek Viktora  / Director

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2016


In the small border town is a strong Vietnamese community. Vietnamese girl EVA TRANOVÁ (14) was killed in this town 4 years ago. EVA's killers were her classmates JAN POLANSKÝ (14) and MILAN HORVÁTH (14). Because her killers were minors, they were placed in a reformatory from where they were released after they reached the age of 18. Now, after their release, our story begins. One of them is found dead. On the scene comes an experienced investigator from county criminal investigation department, captain Kříž (David Novotný) who was put in charge of the case. A local Vietnamese policewoman ANH (Ha Thanh Špetlíková) is here to help him. ANH will be exposed to pressure from the locals who never quite accepted the fact that the Vietnamese girl can work for the police. Some of the Vietnamese people are against her as well, including her family.