Petra's Film


Saimir Bajo  / Producer
Pavel Ruzyak  / Director, Writer
Viktor Schwarz  / Producer

MIDPOINT Intensive CZ 2021

MIDPOINT Intensive CZ projects selection


Petra is a 14‐year‐old girl who has recently changed her school, as her mother Lucy wanted
her to have a better future. Petra soon falls in love with a schoolmate boy Karel. Her world
collapses when she discovers through her bullying schoolmates that her mother had a secret
that is now public – she was a porn actress who has now started her career again. Petra runs
away from home to her father Martin. Their independent life starting well, a violent
character of Martin soon reveals itself fully, as Petra starts to suffer under the despotism of
her father. Petra goes through many difficult struggles just to come to the point where she
loses everything, along with her closest ones. Petra sees that the cause of all her troubles is
her mother’s career. In a desperate act, Petra, in a fit of emotions, decides to commit a
horrible crime… She is soon taken to a minors’ detention centre where her life, as well as her
values, change upside down.