What It's Like To Be A Girl


Leana Jalukse  / Writer
Maario Masing  / Producer
Maria Reinup  / Director

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2021

Feature Launch reveals the 2021 generation and introduces new program scheme


LILIAN (39) gets fired from her job, making her even glad for some time as she can focus more on things that make her happy. However, the first emotions fade quickly, and depression takes place. But meeting gorgeous and sensual MONA (20) sets her head spinning and feeling something special for the first time towards another woman.

After couple of weeks feeling miserable about her future, she gets offered a true challenge – heading the campaign of Triinu Tuhala, the first ever female prime minister candidate.

The next months take tumultuous turn as Lilian is torn between extremely intense work and confusing private life that involves sexual relationships with different men and Mona, who is driving her crazy with being once a sensual seducer and the next moment an ice queen.