Christos Konstantakopoulos  / Producer, Writer
Stavros Pamballis  / Writer

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2020

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2020 announcing project selection!


In a near future where all EU citizens are space-immigrants, born and bred to be workers in the EU's Trans-Solar Star-fleet, YIANNIS, a middle-aged maintenance worker haunted by the on-the-job death of his life-long work-partner, spends his days plugging the holes in volatile engine cores and his nights filling the void in his heart with bootlegged Greek liquor and pirated Folk Music. All he wants is to keep it together long enough to reach retirement age, earn a return ticket back to earth and leave this whole thing behind him, but the unexpected arrival of ALKIS, his partner’s replacement, an enthusiastic but hapless rookie fresh out of cryo-sleep, shatters the fragile equilibrium of his routine.

At first, Yiannis tries everything he can to get rid of Alkis, so he can grieve in peace, but after a hazardous mission puts them both in grave danger, the veteran and the rookie start forging a bond that begins to challenge Yiannis' notions of work, life, and the very concept of home.