Maja Pek-Bruenjes  / Producer
Dora Sustic  / Writer

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2020

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2020 announcing project selection!
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In contemporary Zagreb, four best friends in their late twenties – Lucija, Iva, Ruža and Maja – navigate through poorly paid jobs, wild parties, turbulent relationships and conservative families while witnessing the rise of the Croatian far-right movement. In need of money, Lucija works as a cleaning lady for a vocal pro-life activist, but when Iva becomes pregnant and decides to have an abortion, the values are questioned, and the time comes to take a stance. Soon, the intimate and sexual becomes the political and ideological question, and Lucija and her friends must weigh their beliefs, re-evaluate their friendship and make sacrifices in their lifestyle choices in order to understand and fight shame, chauvinism and abuse. Finding their own voice leads them to the discovery of the true meaning of sisterhood.