Hugo & Co.


Gordon Lovitt  / Producer
Tomas Plhon  / Writer

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Welcome to a forgotten part of the Czech Republic, where poverty is rife and most of the inhabitants struggle with property seizures, debt traps and various addictions. It is right here where the law firm Muller & Partners operates. Its goal is to help all those robbed or cheated, those who got a raw deal in the fight against loan sharks and other financial predators. It is run by enigmatic Hugo Muller - a genius in the field of law, an eccentric and morose individual with a very bizarre moral code. For a partner he chooses a bright, fresh graduate ┼Żofie, who happens to be pregnant. Her strong empathy and idealism are just two of the many differences, that cause a constant struggle in this unlikely duo. As they win one case after another, Hugo and ┼Żofie slowly come to appreciate there is a common enemy waiting for them behind the curtain of all these financial machinations. And as they soon realise, this puppet master is closer to them then they could ever imagine.