The Red Princess


Milos Lochman  / Producer
Barbora Namerova  / Writer

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At the heart of our series stands a tall, rebellious crown Habsburg princess Erzsi. Her father has been a crown prince Rudolf and his death is one of the greatest historical mysteries.

Erzsi is growing up without a father while the world is facing turbulent times. It's the end of the world where rulers believed in their divine right, that they have been sent to the throne by the God. Anarchists attacks show growing dissatisfaction among lower classes. Scientific discoveries progress at rapid pace. Nationalism erupts into one of the worst humanitarian disasters.

Our princess lives through it all. We see her idyllic childhood in the royal rose gardens and her insider view of the collapse of the Habsburg Empire. After the first World War we see her hopes to become the "red princess" of the new socialist ruling class. And we also see those hopes wrecked by the rise of Nazism and World War II.