The Monarchy


Milos Lochman  / Producer
Barbora Namerova  / Writer

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Vienna, 1898. The city blooms with the Art nouveau movement and scientific inventions. Erzsi (16), the adored granddaughter of Emperor Franz Joseph, is 185 cm tall and still growing up to her glorious beauty. She is learning how to rule the world with her half wolf-dogs. After her radiant entry to the royal court, Erzsi ceases to be obedient and starts digging into the mysterious past of her father. She must find out why he became a frustrated addict, womanizer, maybe even a traitor to the Monarchy, and foremost why did he commit suicide. As she sees his image brighten and subsequently fade, she discovers that the whole Empire is crumbling. After the death of Emperor, Erzsi loses all her royal privileges. During the First World War, she saves her four children from famine and typhoid pandemics, and she falls in love with a prominent Austrian socialist. Despite her royal background, on the May Day procession, Erzsi greets her Viennese people with red carnations as The Red Princess.