Ermins Baltais  / Writer
Aija Berzina  / Producer
Kristina Martinuka  / Writer

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2020

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2020 announcing project selection!
9 projects of MIDPOINT TV Launch 2020 generation e-meet again at Workshop 2!


Maria (29), a pregnant schoolteacher discovers she has an incurable disease, and while being at a hospital learns about Lazlo, a mystical healer who has his own camp on an island where he treats people. He is her last hope. By a tragic circumstance, death of her hospital room neighbour, Maria obtains a ticket to “THE ISLAND”, Lazlo´s retreat centre. Upon arriving she is being convinced she is getting better, however, soon enough Maria learns that it's all a lie and nobody is actually curing her. Arno, Marias husband, is trying his best to get her out of the Island and out of the country to save her. While Arno fights the system and regime, Maria all by herself discovers the darkness behind the closed doors of the Healers house.