The Locationist


Georgia Mihalcea  / Director, Writer, Producer

MIDPOINT Intensive Bucharest 2019

Five projects selected for MIDPOINT Intensive Bucharest


After her life hit the ground, a middle-aged woman finds a fragile way to survive as a locationist in low-budget film productions, a humbling and tough job that makes her world collide with a diversity of social classes and cultural differences in hilarious ways.
Her unexpected visits on people's doors and offices for reasons totally unrelated with their lives and challenges unleashes their deepest frustrations, fears and anxieties, unraveling vulnerability on both sides in various forms of expression.
By the nature of her job, the first reactions she receives are always negative and the condition to succeed is to be the punching bag of the people she needs to convince and to improvise.
When she meets the owner of a weird house she's scouting for a movie, an angry woman at the pick of a breakdown who was gaslighted (abandoned without word) by her husband after 14 years of marriage, she begins improvising to break through the complexity of human and life issues she has to suddenly deal with in order to turn things around and save her job.
Changing the inertia challenges her authenticity and empathy, pushing her to cross the lines and break some rules. But she has to do it if she wants to save the day.