Vincent V


Norbert Fodor  / Writer

MIDPOINT Intensive Bucharest 2019

Five projects selected for MIDPOINT Intensive Bucharest


Team of filmmakers show up in the mountain cabin to shoot Vincent's promotional video for the trekking guide so he can attract more clients. Friendly Vincent welcomes them, dressed in colourful clothes and wearing a wig.
They hear the radio news that a nearby group of tourists disappeared lately. Vincent is acting a bit strange about it, becoming suspect, but they continue following him to the top of the hill to finish the shoot. After checking their recordings, they find out Vincent is missing from all the footage, including the photos. The moment they realise this, Vincent disappears. They become scared and run for their lives.
Days later, at home, the team looks back at the footage, confirming he's invisible on the camera. They turn on the TV and hear the news again about the disappearing of the tourists, now found by an unsung hero. The victims confess, trying to describe how this person looks, but it seems that nobody saw him clearly, there's only one clue - it's a bald person.