Stefan Malesevic  / Director, Writer
Andrijana Sofranic Sucur  / Producer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020: Project & Participant selection
MIDPOINT Feature Launch starts the 2020 edition


Two brothers inherit a farm. Just like before father’s death the younger one is doing all the work until one day he decides to split the property. After the split he continues working hard but to no avail. His half of the land seems cursed. He keeps trying but the troubles don’t ease up. One night he sets out to find the reason behind all this misfortune. He starts his search for Usud, the god responsible for assigning destinies. For countless days he wanders through various landscapes and adventures, only to be given vague answers by Usud in the end. He comes back to the village, marries, and tries to avoid the curse by claiming everything belongs to his wife. The trick works and the farm prospers again, until one day he mistakenly calls the land his own and the whole property burns.