Neither Voice


Ester Ivakic  / Director, Writer
Andraz Jeric  / Producer
Nika Jurman  / Writer

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020: Project & Participant selection
MIDPOINT Feature Launch starts the 2020 edition


IDA (10) is a wild-at-heart daydreamer living with her PARENTS and her grumpy but endearing GRANDMA in the rural countryside of 1972 Slovenia. She's hard-driven and determined to be the best at everything she takes her mind to, so she's excited to try out for the school choir which is looking for new singers for the upcoming festival. But being rejected and demoted to the "neither voice" of the choir, only required to silently open her mouth, soon becomes the least of her worries. She gets in trouble with their geography teacher along with her best friend TEREZKA and soon discovers her DAD is having an affair. While she's away for the summer holidays in Serbia with her MOM, she has to learn about accepting inevitable change that comes with the upcoming adulthood and learns to let go. Upon returning back home she has to move to a new apartment, finds her beloved dog gone, her grandma seriously ill, and her dad a serious wreck so she soon has to put her newly acquired skills to the test.