Sara's Bungalow

Sara's Bungalow


Krystyna Kantor  / Producer
Malgorzata Pilacinska  / Writer
Julia Rogowska  / Director

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SARA and INKAR were happily married. When the anti-aging vaccine was invented, they promised each other to age together naturally. But Inkar betrayed Sara, and secretly took the vaccine. The film starts fifteen years later, 70-year-old Sara lives in The National Old People’s Refuge, on the outskirts of the society. Tired with rules, bitter and rebellious by nature, she decides to run away to start a new life on her own terms. In order to do it she needs money and she can only get it from Inkar. Sara goes back to the City of Youth and pretending to be his mother, she moves in with him and his girlfriend Layla - until he gives her the money.
A strange love-triangle unfolds as Sara and Inkar rekindle their love. Sara begins her journey to awakening and acceptance. She learns to forgive, and while acknowledging the love she has lost and coming to terms with her own life choices, she finds a desire to live.